BJJ Kids

Besides learning new skills and improving fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will boost your child's self-confidence and self-esteem. BJJ is an excellent way to teach kids discipline and respect that goes beyond the mats.

BJJ Teens

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an incredible activity for teenagers and its benefits exceed health and physical improvements.

BJJ Beginners

This class focuses on applying the fundamental techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Students learn and practice submissions, escapes, positioning, and self-defense. The fundamentals class is not just for beginners but also to all students to sharpen basic techniques.

BJJ All Levels

BJJ All Levels class combines detailed instruction of more advanced techniques followed by sparring sessions, during which the student will be able to apply techniques while grappling with fellow students.

Wrestling for BJJ

For both novices and advanced students, our BJJ Wrestling Classes offer a great opportunity to learn solid fundamentals that will serve as an excellent base for your grappling skills.

Competition Class

This class prepares our fighters to compete at several competitions over the year. At this class, students put to practice all the technics that they have learned during an intense and long roll class followed by an intense drill set at the end of every class.

Private BJJ Class

One-on-one session covering specific techniques to help the student to overcome his weak points and improve his strong ones. This class speeds up the learning process a lot and accelerate your progress.

Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning class prepares our fighters to compete at their best performance. Students learn how to lift weights from the best to the advanced. All levels are welcome.
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