BJJ Kids

Want your child to be able to defend itself?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the answer!

One of the main advantages of BJJ as a self-defence martial art is that it focuses on techniques that work regardless of the size or strength of the opponent. By learning how to maintain control over an attacker, children can neutralise a potential threat without causing harm.

BJJ also teaches important mental skills that are crucial in self-defence situations. By developing discipline, focus, and situational awareness, children can learn how to recognise and avoid potential threats, as well as stay calm and react quickly in dangerous situations.

In short, BJJ is a great activity for kids because:

If you’re searching for a reputable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym offering high-quality Kids Classes in Perth, look no further.

At Bravos, our Kids classes are taught by experienced instructors (Black and Brown Belt coaches registered under the IBJJF/AFBJJ) who focus on teaching fundamental BJJ techniques that are age-appropriate and effective. 

Our priority is provide a fun and supportive environment where children can challenge themselves, learn from their mistakes, and achieve their goals.We understand the importance of safety in kids’ martial arts training, which is why we ensure that children train with others of the similar size and skill level.

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No, our BJJ Kids classes are designed for all experience levels. Most of our students starts with no prior experience. Your child will be taught exercises and techniques appropriate for his skill level.
On the first class, a parent or legal guardian needs to be present to sign the Waiver Form and we strongly recommend your presence during the session to help your child to feel more comfortable on his first day.

After the first class, parents are no longer allowed to stay and watch the kids class (except for previously arranged special occasions). Spectators presence makes it difficult for students to maintain focus on their practice. Additionally, we believe it helps kids to develop independence, which is a key lesson to learn in martial arts (self-defence).

We just ask that a parent or guardian be present to pick them up 5 minutes before class finishes.

Parents, family and friends will have the opportunity to watch the kids performance at the Grading events.
Our BJJ Kids program is designed for children from 6 to 12 years old. We have two coaches per class, allowing us to split the class in two different age groups. We ensure kids train with appropriate size and age partners.
For the first class, shorts and t-shirt are fine. We provide uniform for the free trial. After that, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi (Kimono) is required. We have some Gis available for purchase at the gym.
Aidan Johnstone

Hands down the best gym for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Perth. Great coaches and awesome team mates, be sure to come on down and check it out!
Arnoldas Apsega

Amazing gym, top quality facility, friendly coaches and amazing team. Highly recommended.
Millie Bro

Such an awesome gym! So welcoming to all levels and no matter the class size there is always someone to assist and encourage you. Rodrigo's built a quality atmosphere with a team of legends.
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Timbo Jones

Bravos BJJ is a really great place to get in shape and to learn how to defend yourself effectively. Can't recommend it enough.
Tom Walton

Coming back to Bravos after even a couple of weeks away from the mats feels like returning home after a months-long voyage. The training and atmosphere here is the best. Everyone here makes Bravos a very friendly and supportive environment.
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