Team 1st Place Again! WA Summer Cup No Gi – 2021

The first competition of 2021 provided another win from Bravos BJJ. After a long year of on-again off-again lockdowns, the first AFBJJ competition of 2021 was able to run. The AFBJJ Summer Cup (No-Gi) provided a training ground for BJJ athletes across WA to dust off the rust and get back to doing what we love. Bravos was no exception. We were excited to compete again. Bravos BJJ had been preparing for the next competition since last year. Members who knew they wanted to test their mental and physical toughness were working hard. While those who chose not to compete were willing to donate their time to support their team on and off the mats. At this competition we were really proud of technical level of our white belts. They performed amazingly and we couldn’t be more proud. In fact, our team performance was so good that we scored 672 points, and the second place gym scored 244. If you want to train in a gym that is not afraid of exposing itself and want to be part of a winning team that supports each other as a family, contact us! Oss

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