Team 1st Place Again! No Gi WA State Championships – 2020

The Bravos BJJ team received Team 1st place overall in the WA State Championships for 2020. After winning all the State Competitions in 2018, and the No Gi WA State Championship 2019 (AFBJJ) We did it again! We couldn’t be more proud of our team.

The WA State Championships are the largest BJJ competition events held in WA each year. They invite athletes from gyms across the state to collide. Testing each other’s technical skills, mental focus, and endurance. These events form milestones for the members of Bravos to test themselves.

While we are not the largest gym in WA, we have the most heart. Our team seems to have the courage and spirit to use these competitions as tools to sharpen their skills. Because of this, we are able to strengthen each member of Bravos, even those who do not choose to compete.

While 2020 was certainly a hard year with the Covid-19 lockdowns, this didn’t deter our team. The WA State Championships provided a significant event to focus towards in the future. Members found new ways to train and remain motivated. They found new ways to support each other and to keep positive. The team united, even when they could not train, and they come back stronger than before because of it.

This is why the WA State Championship 2020 was so important to us. It showed each of us, they are together we can persevere and support each other both on and off the mats.


If you want to train in a gym that is not afraid of exposing itself and want to be part of a winning team that supports each other as a family, contact us!

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