Double Champions at SGT – Brown Belt Submission Only 2021

In February a competition took place in Perth that truly tested the technical performance of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes across Western Australia. The SGT was a brown belt only, open weight, submission only competition. This meant an adapted ruleset of new submissions (heel hooks), no points, and intense fights. Bravos BJJ selected two athletes to represent the club at this event. Louis Ryan (91kg) represented Bravos BJJ in the No-Gi division, and Igor Mantis (74kg) represented Bravos BJJ in the Gi division. These two athletes spent many early mornings and late evenings getting in as much preparation as possible. Both experienced and less experienced members of Bravos dedicated their time to support these two. It was hard work for everyone to build the level required to win this event. However, it became time well spent. Both Louis and Igor went to this competition felling prepared and support. The result was fantastic. Both athletes brought home 1 st place. This meant large trophies, huge
smiles, and validation for the rest of the team. Together we know our level is of the best, and if you dedicate yourself with both passion and persistence, you will have the opportunity to succeed.

If you want to train in a gym that is not afraid of exposing itself and want to be part of a winning team that supports each other as a family, contact us! Oss

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