Bravos First World Champion 2018 – IBJJF

They say it’s the intangible that makes a competitor great, but that’s just people that don’t see the hours of hard work and sacrifice that goes in. This year Bravos produced its first World Champion at the IBJJF 2018 World Championships in Long Beach – California in the shape of Louis Ryan. Louis has been […]

1st Place Team! Gi State Championships – 2022

The Bravos BJJ team once again placed 1st Adult Team overall in the WA State Championships 2022. We couldn’t be more proud of our team! Everybody fought really well and we manage to get 21 gold medals, 13 silvers, and 10 bronzes. In fact, our team performance was so good that we scored 1056 points, […]

1st Place Team ! Casca Grossa Championship – 2022

The Casca Grossa Championship was the first competition of 2022 and it gave us the opportunity to test our technical level at the most prestigious tournament of AFBJJWA. The AFBJJ Casca Grossa Championship provided a training ground for BJJ athletes across WA to dust off the rust and get back to doing what we love.  […]

Best BJJ team in Perth! No Gi & Gi WA State Champions – 2021

We are super proud of our 1st Place Team at the No-Gi WA State Championship 2021, and 1st Place Gi WA State Championship 2021! Congratulations Team Bravos!!! Getting consecutive positive results in big AFBJJ tournaments like the State Championships demonstrates that our technique, pressure, and training routine are extremely sharp. We are incredibly impressed with […]

Team 1st Place Again! WA Summer Cup No Gi – 2021

The first competition of 2021 provided another win from Bravos BJJ. After a long year of on-again off-again lockdowns, the first AFBJJ competition of 2021 was able to run. The AFBJJ Summer Cup (No-Gi) provided a training ground for BJJ athletes across WA to dust off the rust and get back to doing what we […]

Double Champions at SGT – Brown Belt Submission Only 2021

In February a competition took place in Perth that truly tested the technical performance of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes across Western Australia. The SGT was a brown belt only, open weight, submission only competition. This meant an adapted ruleset of new submissions (heel hooks), no points, and intense fights. Bravos BJJ selected two athletes […]

Team 1st Place Again! No Gi WA State Championships – 2020

The Bravos BJJ team received Team 1st place overall in the WA State Championships for 2020. After winning all the State Competitions in 2018, and the No Gi WA State Championship 2019 (AFBJJ) We did it again! We couldn’t be more proud of our team. The WA State Championships are the largest BJJ competition events held in […]

Bravos Competition Team at IBJJF Worlds No-Gi 2019 – USA

The IBJJF Worlds No-Gi Championships take place in California USA each year. This annual event invites those who which to represent their gym to step on the mats and face the worlds best in BJJ, Wrestling, and Submission Grappling. The No-Gi events have evolved over the years to require a slightly different skillset than Gi […]

1st Place Again! Best competition team in WA.

After winning all the state competitions in 2018, Bravos keeps having amazing results in 2019. We won the No Gi WA State Championship 2019 (AFBJJ), scoring 207 points (19 Gold Medals), followed by second place “De Been 100% Jiu Jitsu” with 143 points (8 Gold Medals) and third place “Will Machado” with 106 points – […]

Bravos BJJ Grading 2019

Our first BJJ Grading day at the new gym! Congratulations to all our students that got promoted this weekend! It was an amazing grading, the house was full and the energy was amazing. We are looking forward to seeing you guys in action at the next Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. Oss


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