Bravos First World Champion 2018 – IBJJF

They say it’s the intangible that makes a competitor great, but that’s just people that don’t see the hours of hard work and sacrifice that goes in. This year Bravos produced its first World Champion at the IBJJF 2018 World Championships in Long Beach – California in the shape of Louis Ryan.

Louis has been training under the tutelage of Rodrigo Bravos’ head coach since the beginning of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey, starting out training infrequently in MMA whilst working a FIFO roster in the desert of Western Australia it was Rodrigo that saw a spark in him which he knew he could kindle into a flame. With the belief of Rodrigo, Louis became empowered to pursue his full potential and this year marks the third year of them training together but also their first World Championship medal together.

There is no magic to becoming your best self other than consistent hard work surrounded by people who care about you and are on a similar path, a mentor to shape your mind and allowing yourself to believe. Being the first Non-Brazilian to win a world championship this year Louis proved that no matter where we start from greatness is within reach.

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