Bravos Competition Team at IBJJF Worlds No-Gi 2019 – USA

The IBJJF Worlds No-Gi Championships take place in California USA each year. This annual event invites those who which to represent their gym to step on the mats and face the worlds best in BJJ, Wrestling, and Submission Grappling. The No-Gi events have evolved over the years to require a slightly different skillset than Gi events. While they both involve an athlete to hold technical skills, strength, muscular endurance, mental prowess, and cardiovascular fitness. No-Gi events tend to place a greater emphasis upon endurance and fitness than Gi events. They are fast-paced, adrenaline fueled, and exciting.

In 2019, seven athletes from Bravos took the challenge to compete on the world stage. This group held a common goal, to represent Bravos and to demonstrate a world class performance. Through this shared goal, the group worked collaboratively to strengthen and support each other. There are numerous challenges on the way to such a high-profile event. However, the Bravos team supported each other.

We had two athletes receive medals at this event. Both Louis Ryan (91kg Adult, Purple Belt Division), and Jessie Armstrong (85kg Master 1, Purple Belt Division) received 3rd place. We are proud of everyone that took the challenge. After all, it takes a village to build a champion and these athletes represent the efforts of Bravos as a team.

We are looking forward to competing at the Worlds again and strengthening our team in the future.


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