Best BJJ team in Perth! No Gi & Gi WA State Champions – 2021

We are super proud of our 1st Place Team at the No-Gi WA State Championship 2021, and 1st Place Gi WA State Championship 2021! Congratulations Team Bravos!!!

Getting consecutive positive results in big AFBJJ tournaments like the State Championships demonstrates that our technique, pressure, and training routine are extremely sharp. We are incredibly impressed with the standard our team continually promotes on the mats.

More importantly, we are so proud of the team spirit and support we share for the success of others! We once
again rallied those who which to challenge themselves and prove themselves on the mats at the WA
State Gi Championships 2021. With a full team cheering from the sidelines we were once again able
to show our  Bravos fighting style.

Bravos will continue to grow. Expect to see us on both the national and international podiums once
the world opens up once more.

If you want to train in a gym that has great energy, a great level of BJJ, and be part of a team that supports each other as a family, contact us for a trial class! Oss.

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