1st Place Again! Best competition team in WA.

After winning all the state competitions in 2018, Bravos keeps having amazing results in 2019. We won the No Gi WA State Championship 2019 (AFBJJ), scoring 207 points (19 Gold Medals), followed by second place “De Been 100% Jiu Jitsu” with 143 points (8 Gold Medals) and third place “Will Machado” with 106 points – a fantastic result!

At this competition, our white belts had a standout performance and their collective efforts were shown in the medal count massively contributing to our success. At Bravos, we believe competing is an important part of learning Jiu-Jitsu. A teams’ bond forged in the fires of competition is far stronger than the one which isn’t.          

Here at Bravos we consider ourselves a true competitive gym, when we say challenge yourself and learn Jiu Jiujitsu we mean it. It is easy for some gyms to advertise to “try Jiu-Jitsu and challenge yourself” but being willing to take the next step and try what you’ve learned outside the comfort of your own gym will elevate your confidence in life and ability to overcome adversity. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is easily one of the most fun sports in the world but without concrete goals and true feedback how can you know the true level of your skill?

If you want to train in a gym that is not afraid of exposing itself and want to be part of a winning team that supports each other as a family, contact us!

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